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Symbol of Hope by K. E. Ireland

Book two of the Natan Fleet Show

After barely surviving a battle with nearly impossible odds, the Natan Fleet is trashed and must be rebuilt almost from scratch. Shortly after the fleet is finished being repaired, Vathion is sent out to investigate the validity of information he has gathered about a supposedly deserted area of space being used as a hiding spot by the Rebel commander, Ha’Likka. When he finds that there is an enemy fleet parked in Toudon, Vathion makes a mistake that gets him captured by Ha’Likka’s forces. In the chaos of Vathion’s capture, Natan’s true whereabouts are discovered.
Natan is left to fight a war between his instincts and sensibilities, torn between duty and family. Meanwhile, Vathion fights to retain his sanity as his mind begins to come apart at the seams. Both cling to the only thing they can accomplish: ending the war.

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