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TOTALITY: Kina’s Lament by J. D. Huffman

Book 1.5 of Totality

Kina arrived among William and the others, on the edge of death and shrouded in mystery. Now, it’s time to dig into Kina’s past: she once led a group of former Totality slaves, struggling to work out a living for themselves in a remote asteroid field. Desperate people do desperate things, but Kina is unwilling to sacrifice her humanity for the sake of survival. Recaptured by the Totality and separated from all her newfound friends–save Linda–she must acclimate to Totality bondage once again. She strives to survive not for herself, but for Linda and other vulnerable slaves who do not yet grasp the extent of Totality cruelty. And something is brewing elsewhere in the Totality Fortress that may yet be the key to their salvation…Kina’s past and present weave together here, in Kina’s Lament, a tale to bridge The Militiaman and The Star Mother!

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