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TOTALITY: Fortress Ghosts by J. D. Huffman

Book three of Totality

Humanity won. The Totality have been defeated. So why doesn’t it feel like a victory?

As Sasha goes from rebel leader to nation builder, Order Admiral Eleanor Pearson collects the body of her son William, killed by Cylence before the Totality defeat. Resource shortages and power struggles dominate Sasha’s new reality. No one will be coming to the rescue. Soon, rumors of a new force called the Sentinel quickly threaten her fragile, hard-won peace.

For William Pearson, things used to be straightforward. The law was meant to apply to everyone equally, but not on Lexin. Common decency should have been universal, but not according to the Totality. Even death betrays him of its promised rest. Newly resurrected by uncertain means, he is ambushed at every turn by people who can’t wait to use him.

The Totality saga is far from over.

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