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Touched by Death by Lilye Kerryna

Death is usually the end of a story, but for Dinah it is only the beginning. When Dinah dies in a car accident, her faith in the Greek gods of myths brings her to the Underworld. She faces judgement and discovers she died before she was fated to, leaving the judges uncertain and unable to reach a decision. Hades, the God of the Underworld, offers her a chance to impress them and earn a place in the underworld. As a romantic, Dinah is drawn to the story of Persephone and Hades and wholeheartedly believes it to be one of true love. When she learns that Persephone is missing she decides she will try her best to find the Goddess, hoping that a mortal’s perspective might be enough to uncover a lead the gods had failed to notice. Complications arise as she finds herself falling in love with the missing goddess’ husband. Convinced he still loves Persephone, she struggles to keep her feelings from interfering with her mission. She must also learn the ins and outs of palace life and find allies to aid her – all while coping with the loss of her life and soul-threatening dangers in her path.

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